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Anyone who doesn’t realize America is on a moral slippery slope must have their head in the sand. Those who think a presidential candidate’s morals are irrelevant are just asking for the hill to get steeper and the morals to sink faster.

I’ve heard the old argument that our country’s morals have always been this bad. The reason we ‘think’ it is worse today is because we learn about things more often because of the various media outlets. Bosh!

The reply to those who point to moral wrongs and failures is usually, “He that is without sin cast the first stone” or “judge not that ye be not judged”. All well and good, but unless there is a national outcry against sin we will soon be swept into the sewer.

I recently read a book by Ray Comfort entitled, “Hitler, God and the Bible”. The book is an eye opener when it comes to exposing the depths to which an enlightened and educated country can sink.

At the conclusion of World War I, Germany was devastated financially; jobs were the main issue and the country was ripe for a change. Enter Hitler who claimed to be the answer to the nation’s ills.

The change came about slowly. Hitler was not elected as the Fuhrer (Dictator) until March 23, 1933, almost 15 years after the war ended.

Hitler had an ax to grind against the Jews. In the early 1920’s his admission application was rejected by the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Fancying himself as an artist, he was devastated.

Upon learning that four of the six professors who had turned him down were Jews his hatred toward the Jewish race began to grow. In his infamous book, Mein Kampf he states, “I gradually came to hate them.”

Hitler was morally corrupt. According to historians Hitler had a tryst with a prostitute, from whom he contracted syphilis. In his book he alludes to the fact that she was Jewish and this further added to his hatred of the Semite race.

In 1922, when asked what he would do if he ever had total power over the Jews he replied, “If I am ever really in power, the destruction of the Jews will be my first and most important job.”

Apparently this statement was not published throughout Germany because to the highly educated Germans, what would ensue in the subsequent Holocaust would have been absolutely unthinkable.

“Germany was a Christian nation. Two-thirds of the population held to Protestant Christianity, while one-third was Roman Catholic and a small minority held other beliefs.” (Ray Comfort)

To follow Hitler’s plan to eradicate the Jews he had to squelch the conscience of a Christian nation. It would not happen overnight. Liberties would be taken away slowly, but surely.

The bottom line would be a complete government takeover of all churches. The National Reich Church was created in July 1933. All crosses and bibles were removed. Those who did not comply were simply imprisoned or killed. The only bible allowed was Hitler’s Mein Kampf and the only cross to decorate a house of worship was a broken cross, commonly known as a Swastika.

Recently a meeting was held in the U.S. Congress; wherein leaders from the Jewish, Catholic and Evangelical faiths made their voices heard concerning what they felt was a chipping away of religious freedom by requiring Catholic institutions to offer contraception through their insurance companies.

These leaders maintain it has nothing to do with contraception, but had everything to do with the government requiring citizens to do something that violates the moral beliefs of their church. Although the president offered a concession of sorts; it remains to be seen what will be the final outcome.

When we go to the polls this year we can attempt to make our voices heard by voting for a candidate that takes the high ground morally. Ask yourself, “Does this candidate value life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?”

Does this candidate really believe in the U.S. Constitution and the values for which our founding fathers stood? How does this candidate feel about the Ten Commandments, the bedrock of the law of our land?

The other way we can make a stand for our country is by dropping to our knees and praying. Unless our moral fall is reversed we will no longer be able to sing, “God Bless America”.


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