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Joining a host of post-apocalyptic fiction works come Hunger Games; a story of survival in an uncertain world that emerges following the destruction of North America.

According to the storyline the residents of Panem, formerly North America, are being punished because many years ago one of the districts rebelled against the new establishment, referred to as the Capitol.

Every year, a boy and a girl, from each of the 12 districts that have survived the destruction, are selected, by lottery, to represent their district in the Hunger Games, which become a sort of ‘survival of the fittest’.

The point of the yearly carnage (what else can you call it?) is to teach a lesson to the survivors in this new world. Rebellion will be punished! This event is televised, much like The Truman Show in which Jim Carey is being filmed on live TV. However, the participants in the Hunger Games know they are being televised. The entire drama is supposed to be a warning not to rebel against the authority established over them in the new world order.

Each year, since the beginning of the Hunger Games, 23 people have died as a tribute to the rulers of the Capitol of Panem. The movie, which just debuted March 23, features the 74th Hunger Games. Thus far, 1679 young people have died in the games. What happens now? Sorry. You have to see the movie to learn “the rest of the story”.

I enjoy fiction, don’t you? Not quite sure whether I’ll make it to Hunger Games, since I’ve heard it’s a pretty tense movie and I don’t need to wind up in a neck brace like my husband did after viewing Act of Valor. Talk about a tense movie!

Although I’ve been a lover of fiction ever since I began reading, I still find real life much more exciting. Most of the movies I’ve seen, when based on true stories, have more impact on me. I’m challenged more by reality, than by fiction. Somehow I feel that if a particular event could happen to someone else perhaps it could happen to me…or if they accomplish some great feat maybe I can do it too.

In my early years as a Christian, I devoured biographies of God’s great generals. People like C.T. Studd, Hudson Taylor, John and Betty Stam, just to name a few. I realize in today’s society very few of our young people even know who these great Christians were but their exploits for God challenged me to take the high, and sometimes the lonely, road.

To me, personally, it is a sad commentary on our times when people are more passionate about fictional characters like Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark from the 12th District in Hunger Games, than they are about Jesus Christ the Son of God and the heroes and heroines of the Bible.

Yes, I love fiction, but how can fiction ever compete with God’s New World Order? Do you know that in the REAL post-apocalyptic world every person will love the leader? We won’t be living in dread that our ruler will take some person and maliciously enjoy watching them suffer and die.

In the REAL new world order there will be peace, joy and fulfillment of the highest degree. (If you haven't read Heaven is for Real I recommend you purchase a copy!) Instead of foraging for food we will be totally satisfied with the bounty of heaven. It will be a place where there is no sickness, sadness or death.

Heaven is for a prepared people. In this life we are not training for a do or die battle, but for interaction with God and all the incredible people we have learned about from reading the most amazing book in the world…the Bible!

In Hebrews (a book of the Bible) we learn that those who have entered this beautiful place are actually watching us here on earth, as we run the race set before us in life.

As the writer of this book enumerates the accomplishments of those who have died and entered heaven, it seems that he sighs and says… “And what more shall I say?” Obviously he feels there is no way he can name all the people and all the things they have done for the glory of God.

He continues by saying these heroes of the faith have “conquered kingdoms...shut the mouths of lions, quenched the fury of the flames and escaped the edge of the sword…they became powerful in battle and routed foreign armies… even their women received back their dead, raised to life again.”

And again, “Others were tortured, refused to be released so that they might gain an even better resurrection. Some faced jeers and flogging, and even chains and imprisonment. . . the world was not worthy of them.” (Hebrews 11)

These great giants of the faith would tells us now, that reality is better than fiction and would invite all of us to do all we can for the real New World Order. “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done.”


At March 26, 2012 at 10:21 AM , Blogger Dotty said...

This is a great HOPE that we all have.. No fear, no sickness, no pain.. To God Be the Glory !! May we reach out to Him to be the AUTHOR AND FINISHER OF OUR FAITH!


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